Delhi public school Kusheshwar Asthan, Darbhanga,848213


1. Parents/Guardians are expected to know all the rules & regulations of the school which may be changed from time to time .In case of any dispute, the decision of the principle M.C. will be binding on them.

2. A student cannot leave the school once the enters the school premises except by the written permission of the principal.

3. Throughout his stay in school, a student is excepted to accept the discipline of the school.

4. A sst may be expelled, after due notice to the parents / Guardians, for offence which are likely to impair the discipline of the school or for repeated misconducts and disregard for school rules.

5. A student should always keep his school diary with him.

6. The student's partcipation in all functions and activities of school is compulsory.

7. No leave of absence is granted except on written request from the parents / guardians.